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solutions like using the structural adjustment mortgage or SAM option. China emits tons of toxins resulting from man-made production into the air and water every day. The rapid increase in population should be stopped by taking different steps. In Europe as well as in Asia a lot of people use bicycles to get to their destinations. It seems like this extended payment plan would benefit the homeowner by allowing more time to pay for the. Traffic jams in the modern age reflect an ugly mark on the beautiful face of the city. They include eliminating and legally banning interest only loans, mandatory loan modifications, government tax incentives to stay in a potentially foreclosed home and consumer education. The traffic police must be made alert and vigilant. Men and women going to their place of work are at once halted. People from the villages come to settle in the cities.

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Fourthly: The slow vehicles marching ahead of the motorcars sometime put up resistance in the smooth flow of traffic. As a result of the traffic jams, the flow of traffic is halted. Air pollution is something society has been facing since the Industrial Revolution. From my point of view, using bicycles is suitable for Russia and for every country in general. As they occupy a large volume and have capacity. Many people think it would be against their status to use public transport.

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