research paper on anti money laundering

many of the same legislative proposals that had been previously abandoned were adopted in full measure, accounting for nearly a third of the legislation contained in the 2001 USA patriot Act. Rather than curtailing crime, each reactionary legislative step has instead created a scheme that is now so convoluted as to be nearly impossible to implement in any meaningful form. In addition, technological and product developments, especially in the form of online and electronic transactions, are creating new. The charges, which were also brought against UBS French unit, originate from a report by employee Bradley Birkenfeld which detailed a scheme to help rich clients funnel. Individuals facing economic hardship are more inclined to become involved in financial scams for personal gain. In a recent paper, I analyze the US anti-money laundering (AML) regime to point out the deep flaws in the rationale underpinning. In a recently released statement to Nigerian media, the Presidents office accused hsbc of helping to launder over 100 million on behalf of Nigerias former President, General Sani.

Research on Constraints in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Business The Economics of Crime and Money Laundering: Does Anti-Money (PDF) Measures against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Research paper on anti money laundering
research paper on anti money laundering

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Popular, uBS, bank bosses trial over money laundering, tax evasion. The research demonstrates, however, that in many instances, many of these laws have actually served to exacerbate the problems they were intended to prevent. Must Read, fighting corruption? Not only was this approach ineffective, it gave rise to increasingly creative means by which drug traffickers and criminal organizations are able to circumvent AML regulations. This frustration of effort has encouraged the proponents of the system to implement even further restrictions on financial privacy, in a quest to realize the quixotic potential envisioned by the AML regime, namely to prevent criminals from profiting from their crimes. The FCAs Review of Banking Culture. Research Papers, special Report: breaches OF US regulatory regimes. All the while, the large procurers and users of illicit proceeds are able to circumvent even the hardiest of legislative efforts with ease. Buttressed with tenuous inferential evidence, the various AML stakeholders insisted on the need for increased penalties and investigative authority to combat the widespread distribution of illicit narcotics. This legislation is an anachronism that should be abolished, for it impedes the adoption of useful financial technology, while incentivizing criminal ingenuity.

research paper on anti money laundering

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