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course is not a survey. The variety of story styles and ideas helps students to understand better how literature has changed over time and to hone their analytical skills bydiscussing how the stories work. All ninth graders write and deliver a literary reading and participate in a poetry contest. Change Without Change is the essence of symmetry. But its challenging to find metaphors that are both faithful to the original ideas and readily accessible; and even more challenging to do it in a way that does justice to their beauty. Glycerol can be made without peanut oil as well. Among the readings will be the New York Times investigation of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the Associated Press coverage of slavery in the seafood industry, and the Chicago Tribunes series on dangerous criminals who fled overseas to avoid justice. Writing assignments will include personal and analytical essays, as well as creative pieces inspired by modernist models. The dispositions of paint on canvas will be different, but all will represent the same information about the subject, just differently encoded. This course is popular for students who wish to participate in our Chamber Music course, but arent quite advanced enough to handle that repertoire.

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Student work is showcased in all of our dance concerts, and there are also opportunities to work with guest choreographers throughout the year. It involves a fascinating new kind of geometry, projective geometry. Paris, Harlem, Greenwich Village: Why were these places such powerful magnets for a generation of writers, artists, and musicians? To what extent do I have the power to make my own choices at all? The world is changing at an astonishing pace, and India and China, the worlds two most populous nations, contribute significantly to that change. These are questions that origin stories from different cultures have addressed for thousands of years. Relativity, in this sense, is the very essence of projective geometry.

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