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and response to the prompt. 9 Discuss the significance of the oxymoron "horror romance". Spike magazine highest sat writing essay score praised it as: "an essential insight into the totalitarian regime". (Good rest of intro - Funder's interviews work to support her assertion that the former GDR was a land gone wrong. Claim 2 - evidence - link back to topic sentence. 13 What does Charlie's poem capture?

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Secondly there is the introduction of the state into the home, which is achieved by The Party mainly through the telescreen, the most prominent and sinister instrument of mass surveillance in Oceania which gives total access to individual behaviour in the privacy of the home. This is seen quite clearly through Alexander Sceheller's assertion that "stories of courage would have come out years ago straight after 1989. Your answer, preview, your name to display (optional Email me at this address if my answer is selected or commented on:Email me if my answer is selected or commented. Knowledge can therefore be seen as similar to Pandoras Box; once it exists in a mind, it alters it, and the actions it prompts depend only on the desires and will of that mind. 1984 is on the surface the dystopian narrative of the struggles and ultimate downfall of a man named Winston who lives in the depressingly grungy and hopeless world of Big Brother and The Party. Stunningly raw, Stasiland delivers extraordinary never-been-told tales from behind the Berlin wall. Totalitarian regime 12 Discuss the significance of Tiresias. The essay topic is: to remember or forget - which is healthier? I am struggling with the next bit, is anyone able to help me write something? 11 Other ways to describe the GDR. Never-the-less, she finds extraordinary people who did risky things whilst knowing the consequences could be dire, and as a result she found people who showed immense human courage. However, Funder also finds those who are unfortunately fanatically holding onto the hope that a communist state will come again.