alcoholism is not a disease essay

likely to occur. He also believed that dishonesty, political dissention and being of African-American descent were diseases. The Classical Disease Model regards complete abstinence to be the only solution for the diseased state (Jellinek, 1960) and corresponds with the ideas promoted by Alcoholics Anonymous. Addiction is also considered a disease because it can cause changes to the brain. Some would argue that the residents of the United States are largely immigrants and, as a result, the alcoholism gene was introduced later in history. If presented well, it could make a valid argument along. In: Heather N, Peters TJ, Stockwell T, editors. Subsequently, a team of three essay in music genetics researchers summarized the results of research on the Blum and Noble "alcoholism gene excluding results from studies Blum himself conducted, the frequency of the A1 allele at DRD2.18 in alcoholics,.18 in controls (random population and nonalcoholic.

If you re looking for information on alcoholism, the same theories and logic.
For many decades it s been widely accepted that alcoholism (or addiction) is a disease.
The disease concept is taught in addiction training.
Free Essay: The problem of alcohol abuse has been recognized for thousands.

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The niaaa and the ncadd are two adamant supporters of the disease concept and 12 step therapies. What this means to the addict. Looking at the situation objectively, if alcoholism is passed through genes, the abnormality must be relatively new. Jellinek was one of the most influential contributors to the disease concept of alcoholism, characterising alcoholism as a progressive. These two organizations fund most of the treatment research that goes on in the United States.

American Medical Association, Web. While there is an element of choice involved, making the right choice is so much harder for someone with an addiction. The person makes the conscience choice.