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international Conference on Artificial Intelligence (icai). The other is independent of Adobe Acrobat, but offers similar features. Fdic Center for Financial Research Working Paper. BCL's Natural Language (NL) capabilities offer freedom for users to communicate with voice-enabled handheld devices and desktop computers using natural languages with any number of variations in which a specific command or query may be stated. Dissemination Events (Public new research results and their implications for policy are presented to a wider, non-specialist audience at dissemination events. To submit a paper, please click here. Org cross-Disciplined Research BCL has been a leader in performing research that combines the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Document Analysis and Recognition (DAR). July 2014 - Presenting two papers. The Centre organises ten to fifteen dissemination events annually in London and Brussels. Aman Kumar, Hassan Alam, Michael.

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BCL's widely published research on document layout analysis has been incorporated in its award winning document conversion products. Natural Language Processing BCL Technologies offers various ways to communicate with desktop computers and handheld devices using linguistic interfaces for multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Urdu-Hindi, and Korean. Measuring Semantic Relatedness in Citation Analysis. The results provide context for the implications of current bank consolidation trends.S. Exciting developmental research has been conducted toward natural-language-based search engines for web-based repositories, document summarization, email summarization, document classification, and web page classification.