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that depend on pure speed battles will always lose. Let an appreciative point of view imbue everything you. But now the prospect of Greek bankruptcy threatened the very existence of the euro zone. Its a litmus test for talent: How do you know if you have A-players on your project team? Hes an ethical prince or a conniving win-at-all-costs hustler. Is it mortal.e., are you dead (reputationally, financially, etc.) Or is the downside quite survivable? time to read: 50 minutes, we touched down in Las Vegas only three hours before, but we were already back in the plane and flying home to San Jose on a brisk winter day in December, 2012. Reids so generous and so curious that sometimes it is fun for him to simply help you. He once told me about a frustrating conversation he had with someone at a startup who mapped a multi-phase vision for a project that stretched out a couple years. Make people genuine partners and theyll work harder In the Start-up of You, we write about how life is a team sport and that anything great in your life will only happen with and through other people. (Peter Thiel was co-hosting.) After Reid said his bit, another person at the table a high profile executive in the advertising world turned to Reid.

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I wake up in the morning unsure of whether I want to savor the world or save the world, White said, This makes it hard to plan the day. On top of all that, thanks to LinkedIns IPO, he was now a fixture on the Forbes rich list. Hes worked so hard to achieve his success, why not kick back a little and play Settlers of Catan while drinking fine whisky in the south of France? It would welcome refugees as casualties of radical Islamist savagery, not carriers. It was an intellectual retreat, and the two of us happened to be seated at the same table together. Empowerment: Have Those Close to the Ground Modify the Strategy A lot of strategists (and CEOs) think that their job is to conceive a strategy and then hand it off to the underlings to execute. The internal narrative was not rah-rah-rah were-destined-for-greatness. When things werent going well, Reid and the execs and employees talked about.

How intensively do we want to go after this? I dont believe there are good corporate values or bad corporate valuesbeyond the obvious. Her approval ratings dropped more than 20 points, even as she broadcast her faith in her people: Wir schaffen das, she has said over and over.