essay on favorite television program

every one praised my efforts. This show provides me the perfect comic relief at the time of day I need it most. Reba accepts Van into her home as her daughters husband and treats Van as if he were one of her own. My mother, who is interested in crafts, is also happy and often joins. After his football career ends due to injury, Van grows up to become a successful real estate agent. Show more content, she always wants Rebas friendship and approval, but Reba sees Barbra Jean as an easy target for her sarcastic jokes. In fact, she often sits together to watch it, the National Geographic. Sometimes my work is not as neat as the person on the show but I keep trying my best. I love the TV programme craft aired on ABC channel at 6 o'clock in the evening every day. The photographic footage is extremely breath-taking and inspiring.

Its definitely a funny and relaxing progamme. I am fond of it because they show how to make attractive items with the help of various throw-away things. After getting Cheyenne pregnant, Vans parents kick him out of their house. Once they had shown how to make a toy castle with plastic bottles. The show features Reba playing the role of a single, divorced, mother with three children, a son-in-law, and a grandchild all living under her roof. I liked the idea very much and attempted to make one. In addition to that, this programme is of very high quality and it is produced by a team of experts, all are authorities in their own field of interest. Besides, the narration is very accurate, informative, vivid and descriptive. I am more concern about the preservation and conservation of the world not only now but also for posterity. I learn so many things from it and try to make them myself. Its on TV3 on Thursdays evening, after the news. I have trekked up the highest peak and conquered.

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