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the 509th Composite Group's modified " Silverplate " B-29s began flying practice raids against Japanese cities, each armed with a single high-explosive "pumpkin" bomb ; further practice missions took place on 24, 26 and 29 July. Another 94 airmen died how to write a proposal for an organization from other causes while in Japanese custody, including 52 who were killed when they were deliberately left in a prison in Tokyo during the 25/26 May raid on the city.

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Japanese fighters did not attempt to intercept these aircraft, and their bombing altitude of 30,000 feet (9,100 m) was beyond the range of most anti-aircraft guns. Additional anti-aircraft gun batteries and searchlight units were also established to protect major cities and military bases. Many throughout the world consider North America to offer the greatest quality of life. The nine raids conducted against Japan via bases in China succeeded only in destroying mura's aircraft factory. Accordingly, the Joint Target Group (JTG which was the Washington,.C.-based organisation responsible for developing strategies for the air campaign against Japan, developed plans for a two-stage campaign against 22 Japanese cities. 158 Correll (2009. 269 The reconstruction of 115 cities began in 1946, and this work was conducted in line with guidelines developed by the Japanese government. To the society, change is their enemy, but it is themselves who are their enemies without knowing. 277 The destruction of buildings housing government records during air raids contributed to the uncertainty about the number of casualties. In the stage in which every young adult experiences this metamorphosis, somewhere between the ages of ten and eighteen, the choices you make shape your future.