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your ability to merge it with other large tiles when the time comes. This is because in 2048, as opposed to Threes, a new tile will show up in a random spot but is exclusively a two or four tile, making building new multiples extremely easy once you have the space to do so, but awful. Build into a corner, the first step with all these Candy Crush-meets-Sudoku number games is to understand that the corner is your best friend. For me, it's the upper left.

Most importantly, never compromise your position on the board to combine tiles, as they will combine naturally if you move toward your highest-numbered tile. Screenshots by Nick Statt/cnet. PT, Monday, March 24: Clarified strategy under 'Build into a corner' section. The solution here is to move in the opposite direction of your largest tile one space and then up one space.

Still, it's a surefire way to get past the drudgery of the early game and onto the challenging parts that arise after you get a 512 tile and start attempting to build a second one. It's fairly easy in fact to reach the end the same day you pick up the game. 2048 is difficult - and you don't realize that until you first progress far into the game; whereas Threes will aggressively remind you that you must keep the board from clutter. If you have only three tiles in the row of your highest multiple, the best way to avoid a disaster is to pull tiles towards your preferred corner until it has filled vertically, pull downwards to generate a new tile, and then immediately push back.

But combine like numbers into their sum and you've opened up the board for the new tile and simultaneously progressed a little further toward your goal of making a magic 2048 one, a feat accomplished by combining two 128's into a 256 and two 256's. Without that, you run the risk of having a low two tile take up the space next to your largest one, a chance occurrence that proves near fatal to a play-through. There are issues you'll encounter late in the game that have to approached on a case-by-case basis, but they can be boiled down to a few simple rules. For one, it's actually difficult to lose for the first few minutes of play unless you have absolutely zero strategy. For instance, if you're dealing with the unfortunate circumstance of a rectangular block and you can't move left or right or even up, there are ways to get out that involve breaking the above mentioned rule of never moving opposite the location of your largest. However, early on you shouldn't have the need to do that as long as you keep aggressively pushing toward the corner, moving right and then up when necessary. Screenshot by Nick Statt/cnet, like the popular iOS and Android puzzler. In most cases, that's never needed. So use these tips, and may you hopefully find solace, through victory, from the grip of 2048. In fact, I've gone one game in Threes earning as much as 10,000 points to my next where I earn in the low triple-digits, moving too quickly and mindlessly to realize I'd made fatal mistakes so early.

2048 college coffee postgrad paper

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