an essay on global warming and its effects

essays are mainly useful for small class students in manner to provide them knowledge on this burning topic. In order to talk about global warming, we must first learn what causes the greenhouse effect. It was later named the greenhouse effect in the late 19th century when Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius used the term to explain how carbon dioxide traps list of college essay prompts heat in the Earth's atmosphere (m par 4). This warming is largely attributed to the increase of greenhouse gases (primarily carbon dioxide and methane) in the. Because sunlight is constantly falling on the earth, the law of physics say that the planet has to radiate the same amount of energy back into space. Introduction, nowadays, Global warming is an incontrovertible fact, which proves that our planet and its climate are in trouble.

Do you think that global warming was caused by human activities? Many pollutants (chemicals that pollute the air, water, and land) are sent into the air when fossil fuels are burned. . Do Not Waste, your Time, sEND, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. They reckon that the temperature estimates of past climates are just estimates. By spreading awareness among people about the harmful impact of Global Warming in future, we can take our initiative towards the betterment of this world.

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Global warming can lead to many problems that affect the environment in which we live. A cycle for Global Warming can be explained in following way like our earth contains water, forest and land over it with some kind of gases too that are present in atmosphere. He showed this fact saying that the escalation in extreme weather conditions over the past two decades has led to an increase in the frequency and intensity of storm conditions (carter, 2005). One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. . It is caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. By the end of the century the global temperature is predicted to increase by 3. One of the major solutions can be found by planting trees as more as possible and try to reduce the consumption of natural resources in order to save it for future. Global Warming and the effect it has on our Oceans Animals Essay. The greenhouse gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and make the earth warm. Yet, there is an opposite view supposing that the present hurricane surge is part of a 60 to 70-year cycle linked to natural effects (Briggs, 2005 and has nothing to do the yellow wallpaper student essay feminism with heated weather conditions. Water Balance: Although changes in sea-level have received much publicity, problems of water availability are likely to be more serious and perhaps more expensive to solve.