war on terrorism in pakistan essay

on Pakistani territory is continuously creating public outrages and persuasive essay on smoking introduction alienating people from government and Army. Notably, majority of people in Pakistan are living below poverty line. I do, however, question their creation as demanded, on ethnic basis. Pakistan is a responsible nation; fully capable of defending its territorial integrity. Lest we forget, we even lost our prominent political leader Benazir Bhutto to an act of terror. Needless blood was shed in the unrest that followed. The Pakistan Army has lost 2,795 soldiers in the war and 8,671 have been injured. Every people should be literate and employed and should accept ownself as human first and Muslim next. However, their unjust detention and maltreatment has fomented desperation towards the universal acknowledgement of human rights.

War on terrorism in pakistan essay
war on terrorism in pakistan essay

War against terrorism in, pakistan essay writing tips Essay on war against terrorism in pakistan wikipedia Terrorism in pakistan, essay, example for Free

What does terrorism mean toyou? There are many links provided with useful information. Pakistan has singularly committed large forces to combat menace of terrorism more than any other country. Terrorism Impact on Pakistan you can stree shakti essay in hindi also like. It does not matter which organisation it would. Recognition of efforts to fight menace of terrorism and sacrifices rendered thereof are testimony to the commitment and resolve to bring peace in the region. I do not question the genuine grievances of the people leading to the demand. While acknowledging all the grave consequences of war on terrorism, question emerges, Is there then an alternate to war on terrorism? In Iraq and Afghanistan, it's more like the War on Insurgents Hell-Bent on Destabilizing a Country. However it would be stupid to say Pakistan has won any of the wars against India. In view of the root causes described in above paragraphs, the possible remedies could include: To begin with, a national commission needs to be set up, which identifies the fault lines and the root causes of the rise of extremism in Pakistan taking into consideration.

For the common man, there are hardly any affordable health facilities, inflation has sky rocketed, education that even if they can afford, offers, few lucrative job opportunities owing to the plum jobs going to the degree holders from the elite institutions, power breakdowns, problems with. The increased danger of sectarian motivated acts of violence, have gained in power and influence over the recent past. When in the UK terror acts were committed the authority blamed it on Pakistani citizens for instance. Thousands of Mujahedeen were trained and sent to Afghanistan for so-called jihad.

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