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at all. Where they have occurred previously, all offending websites have been approached and the infringing content successfully removed. "Benji is starting to look just like his grandpa Max, alev ha sholem." Alta Kocker: literally, an old shit; or as we say in English, an old fart. (Please let me know!) Chutzpenik: some with chutzpah, audacity, nerve. On one hand, it referred to the New Land which robbed early immigrants of their culture, their language, sometimes their families and their fortunes. "I went to that sale. One can nosh between meals or have a little nosh between meals. Usually refers to food, but can be used to describe a "tasty little lady." Bashert: (beh-sheert) destined, fated, meant. " Gai shluffen " or, more familiarly, " gai shluffie " means "Go to sleep." Shlug (or shlog beat, hit, belt (in the boxing sense.) Read an interesting article on the etymology of this word.

"Gay" means "go." In Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks, dressed as the Indian chief, holds up his arm to stop his warriors from attacking, and allows Cleavon Little et al to pass. Contrary to popular current usage, it does not mean merely "brass balls" - although there is certainly an element of that. Do they clearly modify the word or phrase they are supposed to?

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I 'm sure the nobles of Europe found it wildly hilarious having their knickers soaked as the shnitzel was served. Nisht gut: Not good. At home, he doesn't shut up, but the minute a pretty girl walks into the room, suddenly, he's a shtummie!" Shtup: literally, "push" but used colloquially to refer to the act of sex. It is used now throughout my extended circle of friends and family. In Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles, when Mel, as the Indian chief, allows Cleavon Little and his posse pass by unmolested, he raises his hand and says to his tribe, "Loizem gayne!" "Luch in kup (lukh in kup a hole in the head. A fashion model, she isn't!" "He's such a sweet baby, but oi! (also Cockamayme) Read outside article on the etymology of this word. Now we're completely farblongjid!" Adrienne. The kid who always tagged along with the popular kids hoping some of that popularity would rub off on him. I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I'd ask myself that very question!

All from a British perspective, with new slang added every month.
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