essay should boys and girls study together

Only in recent years have we started breaking the walls between the genders. Their are many people who died because they dont have enough money to buy medicines. Some people say that they should study separate because they have many different learning styles. Some people think boys and girls should study separately at different schools. First of all, let us do not forget, that one way or another, we have to communicate with girls and boys in real life. As far as I am concerned, children should study together, no matter what sex they are. There were many relatives came to live. So that, even if we divide boys and girls at school nothing will prevent them to socialize outside. Their source of income is either job or bussiness.

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Kindly rate my essay as my exam is on 30 June. In conclusion, I can say, that we should pay a more attention on who teach children, but not who study with them. For instance, a girl who learned cooking or designing at school can easily become a professional cook or a designer when she grows. Some people said that it would be better for students to attend separate schools. That is why we need mixed-sex education. In my family my elder sisters marriage activities were going. One of my uncle's relatives daughter name Radhika was also came here. Schools dont have good roads. This village has only one school. All such problems are here because economy of India is not good. Boys and girls are the most important part of our society in which they are living.