essay about eastern state penitentiary

restore the historic building and develop award-winning exhibits and programming that engages visitors with their mission to interpret contemporary American criminal justice reform. It provided new knowledge, such as information on the dining conditions if the facility, and answered any questions I had after the tour. To note that the prison at Walnut Street was not based on the idea of solitary confinement without labor. As Eastern State Penitentiary (2014) notes, the prison was simply meant to facilitate a shift from punishing offenders to rehabilitating them through change and spiritual reflection. Some prisoners have to have illusions of having a wife or manufacturing Dutch watches, indication of dreams lost inside the cells. The site is one of Philadelphias most popular tourist destinations. Viewing the prison and its philosophy from the outside in has shown me that while the Quakers thought they were doing the right thing, solitary confinement is not an effective method of reform. Eventually had to cease its policy of solitary confinement.

Included the New York City Penitentiary. The Essay on Eastern State Penitentiary Reflection Paper. Purpose of the prison, the living conditions and the daily routines of an Eastern State Penitentiary inmate, and attempted escapes which is why prisons. The watch tower to see every cell and every part of the cells. When Eastern State opened more than 180 years ago, it changed the world.

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As for the Quakers, I understand that they meant well, but it is apparent that what they were doing was not right. He moans, and tries to listen to identify if a cell similar to the one he is in exists besides him. 4 pages, 1697 words. These included handmade weapons made by the prisoners and letters from the families some e visit gave me new insight on the prison conditions of the 19th and 20th centuries. Sutton and another one of the escapees were caught within five minutes of the escape, and the other nine were caught within six months. The Eastern State Penitentiary was the first full-scale penitentiary to have running water, heat, and electricity in each cell.

Essay about eastern state penitentiary
essay about eastern state penitentiary