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stress, including adjusting to a new living environment, fulfilling academic requirements, developing friendships and preparing for and sitting exams. For further information, call at the Welfare Service in the Percy Gee Building, or contact the Service by phone or email. Go to the toilet before the exam starts. Take a look at the study help message boards to get advice from other young people who may be in the same situation. AccessAbility Centre If you have a disability or special need, the AccessAbility Centre can assist you with devising the most appropriate revision strategies, time management and exam techniques, taking into consideration any additional needs that you have. Stress is one of the body's natural responses to something that is threatening or frightening. Picturing how you'd like things to go can help you feel more positive. Try talking to: Download our guide to getting through exams.

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Six strategies for dealing with stress. There is a whole range of different signs which may indicate that someone is feeling stressed. Use the breathing exercise that you have practised to regulate your breathing; exhale slowly. On the day of the exams and during the exam: Have a good but moderate breakfast and lunch, remembering not to drink too much caffeine. You might have been predicted certain grades or put into a higher set, and feel if you dont get the grade youll let your teachers or parents down. The University counsellors are all very experienced in helping students cope with stress, particularly around the examination times, and hope that by attending for some counselling you will start to feel more positive about the situation. What does exam stress look like? Getting ready to study, its never too late to set list of english essayists up good study habits.