history of swimming essay

By 1896 swimming had become well established. The Minoan palace Minos of Knossos in Crete also featured baths. The Indian palace Mohenjo Daro from 2800B.C. The 1956 Summer Olympics Back in the middle-ages, swimming was one of the pre-requisite of being a knight. In cherokee thesis statement 1933 Henry Myers swam a butterfly stroke in competition at the Brooklyn Central ymca in late 1933.

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Richard Rhodes, (p422 hc Making of the Atomic Bomb) claims that Volney Wilson invented the Dolphin after studying fish, and used it to win the 1938 US Olympic Trials, earning him a disqualification. Heres an excerpt from Wikipedia. Individuals should not swim in conditions that their ability and experience will not allow them to handle. The butterfly was the offspring of the breast stroke. tags: recreation, competitive, strokes. They come out with new rules every year to make things more fair and challenging. The Crawl is the evolved doggy paddle. Early human records show that we mankind already know how to swim. The front call, then called the Trudgen was introduced in 1873 by John Arthur Trudgen, copying it from nativr Americans. An Egyptian tomb from 2000.C. Over the period of time, the Crawl techniques have immensely developed into how we see it today.

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